2018 Athlete Council Election FAQ's


2018 Athletes’ Council Election Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this election for?

a. Eligible Athletes age 18 or over on November 1, 2019 are voting for the 20-member Athletes’ Council.  In every even-numbered year, eligible Athletes vote for 8-10 of the 20-member Athletes’ Council (in 2018, there are 10 available spots). The Athletes’ Council, in turn, elects three (3) members to the USSF Board of Directors. The 20 Athletes’ Council members also serve as delegates to the National Council Meeting (February 16, 2019, in Scottsdale, Arizona) where they elect USSF officers and vote on other matters such as bylaw amendments. 

Q: How do I know if I am eligible?

a. Eligible Athletes are determined by USOC Bylaw. In short, you are eligible to vote if have played/were rostered in a qualifying event (e.g., a National Team game, the World Cup, Gold Cup, Olympics, etc.) during the relevant eligibility period. For more details on eligibility to vote, please see the Athletes’ Council Governing Policies and Procedures [HERE]. 

Q: Is my vote secret? 

a. Yes. We are using Election Runner, which uses 256-Bit Encryption to secure ballots. 

Election Runner’s voting interface meets Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility WCAG 2.0 AAA Standards. 

We cannot see how you voted, we can only see the date/time you submit your vote. 

Q: I’m in the middle of the (post)season and can’t travel. Can’t I vote by phone? 

a. Yes! You will receive a personalized Voter ID and Voter Key via email, along with a link to the on-line ballot. You may access the election one of two ways:

i. Click on the link in the email (which will log you in directly); or

ii. Visit https://USSoccerAC.electionrunner.com and login using the Voter ID and Voter Key in the email you received.

Q: How do I know my vote was received? 

a. Once you vote, you will be given the option of downloading a receipt. 

Q: Where can I find the Election Procedures? 

a. The Athletes’ Council Governing Policies are available [HERE] and the Election Procedures are available [HERE]. 

Q: How/When will the New Council be announced? 

a. The 2019-2020 Athletes’ Council will be announced on Monday, November 19 at https://ussfathletecouncil.com/ All new Athletes’ Council members will be expected to attend the 2019 National Council Meeting (February 16, 2019 in Scottsdale, Arizona). Once the new Athletes’ Council members are determined, U.S. Soccer AGM staff will reach out with information regarding registering and attending the 2019 U.S. Soccer AGM, taking place in Scottsdale, AZ from February 14-17, 20