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About Us

What is the Athlete Council?

The United States Soccer Federation's Athlete Council is a group of twenty athletes who are elected by their peers. The purpose of the council as laid out in U.S. Soccer's bylaws is to:

  • Provide a broader means of communication between Athletes and the Federation
  • Make reports and recommendations to the Board of Directors about matters affecting Athletes

Why does the Federation have an Athlete Council?

The Ted Stevens Amateur Sports Act of 1978 (amended 1998):

  • Defines an athlete to be anyone who has competed for their respective National Team within the last two years OR anyone who has competed in a major world championship within the last ten years.
  • Mandates that athletes be 20% of the voice and vote in Olympic Sport in the United States
  • The 20% rule applies to:
    • USOC Board and Committees
    • U.S. Soccer Board and Committees (Budget, Nominating, and Governance)
    • Also mandates that the USOC has an Athletes’ Advisory Council

Who is on our Council?

Chris Ahrens (Chair)

Carlos Bocanegra (Vice-Chair)

Shannon Boxx

Brian Ching

Cindy Cone (Advisor)

Brad Guzan

Stuart Holden

Lauren Holiday

Angela Hucles (Vice-Chair)

Lori Lindsay 

Will John

Kate Markgraf

John O'Brien (USOC, Alternate)

Heather O'Reilly

Leslie Osborne

Nick Perera

Christie Rampone

Gavin Sibayan

Jonathan Spector

Lindsay Tarpley

Aly Wagner (USOC)

*USOC indicates athletes who also serve on the United States Olympic Committee's Athlete Advisory Council